Brown paper bag special producing method of the watermark

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
Water-based glue paste screen printing, leather oil paper bag like this with a brown paper bag elastic mucilage is a kind of ability in swimming, the material on the kraft paper bagbags we use is the most, the another is called printing. Brown paper bag printing is typically will paste and water-based adhesive glue is can completely mixed together, between the two is the ability to do good to the harmony between each other. Brown paper bag in the printed version, is not to participate in any of the chemical solvent products, this is a direct can use clear water to today to wash. Toxins produced is a brown paper bag, instead of after layers of processed as a water resistance, good products, basically do not have peculiar smell, it is a very green brown paper bag. A brown paper bag on the print that is has a great feature. This use is we don't use manual press printing method, the technology is in the production of kraft paper bagbags when that will be used. And using this is way to produce products that are very long service life.
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