Biodegradable plastic bag use what material?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-02
Biodegradable plastic bag use what material? Release date: 2019 07 - 18 biodegradable plastic bags tend to be environmental protection, the plastic bag is made of what material? Generally there are three kinds of biodegradable plastic bags, respectively is: 1. Natural polymer modified method: as starch, cellulose, chitin, lignin, seaweed and other natural polymer as raw material, through chemical modification and copolymerization method, to modify these molecules, synthesis of easily biodegradable plastics. 2. Chemical synthesis method, simulated natural polymer structure, starting from the simple water molecules, on the plastic polymer chain connect with reactive group such as amide, peptide, ester base containing these compounds similar to natural protein, grease the structure of the fragment, easily biodegradable. 3. Microorganism fermentation: many microbes can with some organic compounds as carbon source, through the metabolism, produce polyester class, chitosan polymer, these molecules are easily degraded, can further recycling again. The current domestic research on a new biodegradable plastics, its composition is pva and starch add photosensitizer synthetic, polyvinyl alcohol was easier than polyethylene biodegradation, add photosensitizer can accelerate the degradation of plastic, by absorbing sunlight starch can promote the speed of biodegradable plastics in soils. So this new type of biodegradable plastic compared with the former kind of easier degradation, and degradation after plastic component broken down into simple molecular structure of the material such as carbon and water, more environmental protection. A: parsing the blocking performance under a vacuum bag: giant plastic punch to tell you what are the reasons
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