Bags when printing color difference problem analysis

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
Plays a full-dress container bags in our daily life, in addition to the function, also bear the promotional effect, packaging development up to now, has spawned many rich bag type, printing content, material, make bag products, often can impress consumers, more let a person shine at the moment, with the increase of demand for packing bags, so bags more and more high quality requirements, including food safety, printing content, to reserve on the taste of packaging products and so on, and today we emphasis to introduce the external aspects of problems in the content of the printing color difference analysis. Reasons for the poor, to ink device of printing color difference when the ink fountain roller iron circle degree difference or the wear deformation, ink fountain plate wear deformation also appeared, and control the ink fountain roller rotation institutional flaws, make the printing process of lose of ink is not stable, also the production of printing color difference caused. In addition, attention should be paid to the reasonable real ink device, ink fountain of ink will comprehensively increase or reduce the throughput, there are two kinds of control mode, it is through adjust the ink fountain sheet steel and ink transfer ( To ink) Iron roller clearance to implement; The second is through adjusting the size of the ink transfer iron roller rotation curve. Second, ink roller caused bad printing color printing color printing machine, generally equipped with transfer ink roller, uniform ink roller and inking rollers three, including more influence for shades of ink is ink roller and inking rollers. So the ink roller elasticity, viscosity, circle degree, hardness and surface finish, to a large extent determines the quality of print ink. If the poor elasticity, viscosity of ink forme roller, roller eccentricity, solid particles and colloid poor finish situation exists, the printing process likely to cause uneven brush and ink or unstable phenomenon, make each transfer printing ink is not consistent. Three reasons, poor education version of printing color lithography process if the education version is unwell, are also prone to printing color difference phenomenon. In addition, melt water roller set if using aging or adsorption ink, impurities, roll will affect the water absorbent and uniform transfer of education version fluid. Moreover, when the storage device if appear slack phenomenon, also can affect the printing surface moisture uniform transmission. These deficiencies exist, all can destroy the uniformity and stability of the ink transfer, make print ink appear difference. Reason four, ink printing color difference caused by bad printing ink layer thickness and viscosity and insufficient prone to printing color difference. In printing, only modest uniform printing ink layer, can better to guarantee the quality of the printing quality of ink, and effectively prevent the formation of printing sticky dirty issue. Reason five, stress, discomfort caused by printing color difference the ideal printing process is in & other Three flat & throughout; Basis, can be in relatively thin ink layer through equilibrium under the action of printing pressure, make print more uniform ink. If printing pressure is insufficient or uneven, packing and printing layout have poor contact, also need to lose is increased by the ink amount, to meet the layout details the visual effect, but it will not only increase the amounts of ink, and prone to printing the colors and print quality sticky dirty. Reason six, substrates material printing color difference caused by bad in food packaging printing process, we can find that substrates material differences and it is one of the causes of printing colour difference, such as substrates luster and color difference, can produce printing color difference problem. This embossing aluminum plating paper, for example, aluminum plating paper paper hue difference, all can cause inconsistent above printing color effect.
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