Vacuum bags why wrinkles?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Vacuum bags why wrinkles? Release date: 2019 05 - Vacuum bags believed that everyone should have more contact with in our daily life, some people may use it frequently, people will find that in the process of using vacuum bags have wrinkle problem, why the vacuum bags will wrinkle? 1, base material thickness uneven uneven thickness of base material will inevitably affect the vacuum bag packaging, so in the packaging to ensure that the thickness of the base material of uniform so when packing will effectively avoid wrinkling problem of packet. 2 rolling deflection, base material in order to make its deflection does not occur in the process of transmission. The best way to solve this problem is to adjust the position of the film, so that it can be effective to avoid the problem of vacuum packing bag wrinkle. 3, glue problems caused by too much quantity, or because the lack of glue that is relatively easy to point, consulting experience people, let them the normal coating specification, and uniform coating, adjust the amount of glue, which can effectively solve the problem of uneven coating. Four drying, adhesives dry inadequate, insufficient adhesives will be lowered the sticky relay, compound after two kinds of base material. So we should make the adhesive can be fully dry, adjust the process parameters. Reduce the residual amount of solvent, this problem will guide blade and solution. 5, composite membrane directly without enough cooling or cooling winding composite film winding directly, without cooling or cooling is not enough that we should wait for composite membrane winding up again after sufficient cooling. Vacuum packing bag wrinkled reason mainly embodied in the above aspects, people want to vacuum bags not wrinkle should pay attention to the above problems, so as to ensure integrity of vacuum packing bag. The previous: what factors will affect the transparency of the vacuum packing bag? Next article: aluminum foil bag production considerations
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