Vacuum bags are vacuum process needs improvement

by:Kolysen     2020-06-22

at present with the vacuum packing bag with ordinary bags on the shelf life of products and sealing showing a huge advantage, has gradually become a range of packaging production technology of concern. In the field of food packaging, vacuum packaging appears more and more widely. But the vacuum bag in vacuum stage there is still a huge problem, limiting the vacuum bag swagger.

packing factory widely believe that the current vacuum packaging machine is widespread the problem of inefficient and vacuum quality closes nevertheless, vacuum packaging machine market with ran along with the progress of the vacuum bags are also continuously expand the market, but domestic vacuum packaging machine is only active in the field of low-end products.

the customer is generally believed that the vacuum packaging machine market prospect as well. But for now the domestic vacuum packaging equipment, its on the related technology and function of still more problems, after the product is vacuum leak causing products appear up bag, improper packaging, relevant safety standard is not up to standard, and so on.

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