To tell you the ways to solve vacuum plastic wrinkling

by:Kolysen     2020-08-06
Vacuum packaging will wrinkle? If wrinkles how to solve? Here to introduce some solutions to vacuum packing bag wrinkle. 1, change the quality qualified film. 2, adjust the position of the thin film in the transfer does not occur in the process of deflection. 3, adjust the amount of glue, and uniform coating. 4, adjusting process parameters, the adhesive can be fully dry, reduce residual solvents. 5, composite film shall be carried out in a first after sufficient cooling again winding. 6, composite pressure adjustment. 7, adjust volume and winding tension, make each part of the tension match each other. 8, adjust the parallelism of the guide roller. 9, clean the surface of guide roller, replacement of guide roller damage, ensure the guide roller surface level off, smooth, clean.
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