To introduce aseptic food vacuum bag packaging manufacturer for you

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
Aseptic food vacuum packaging technology is packaging, packaging, packaging of auxiliary equipment, aseptic condition, 2 uht technology uht refers to the 135 - Under the condition of temperature 150 ℃. Sterile environment for filling and sealing of a food vacuum packaging technology. Aseptic packaging is often used in food and some drugs, etc. After aseptic packaging of food can be stored at room temperature for 12 & ndash; 18 months not metamorphism, flavor can keep 68 months without loss, without cold storage after aseptic packaging of food storage, refrigerator, freezer, sales, etc. , extend the storage period of the product. Pasteurized pasteurization technology is food after filling and sealing packaging container, below 100 ℃ temperature adhere to a certain period of time. The purpose of maximum destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Pasteurized low temperature, short time and little damage to the food nutrition and flavor, it is mainly used for citrus, apple, such as fruit juice, milk, cream, ice cream raw material, lactic acid beverage, fermented milk, wine, beer, soy sauce, bacon, ham, such as food sterilization, sterilization object is yeast, lactic acid bacteria and mold. A short period of time to sterilization treatment by food vacuum packaging, packaging container to kill bacteria, adopt this technology not only ensure the quality of food, the production efficiency can be greatly improved.
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