The requirements of the manufacturer to introduce the aluminum foil bags stretch film

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Aluminum foil bag packaging manufacturer in detail the technical requirements of aluminum foil stretching bag: a, aluminum foil is stretch film tensile stretch film tension elastic elongation ability after the attack. Longitudinal tensile to add, will eventually make the film thinning, width is reduced. Although the longitudinal tensile is beneficial, but excessive stretching is often not desirable. Because this will make the film thinning, easy tear, add together the tension applied to packaging. 2, aluminum foil stretch film patience patience is film resistance to debunk and tearing resistance of nature. After tearing resistance can only refers to the film in the tension and was caught when tearing resistance level. Tearing resistance levels of risk value, it is necessary to take horizontal, vertical direction to that of the machine operation, as the package of torn in this direction will make a lax, even if the longitudinal tear, package can still adhere to the firm. Three stay stay, aluminum foil stress of the stretch film stress is to point to in the process of stretch wrap, can keep the tension of the film on. Four of stretch film aluminum foil, allowable tensile allowable tensile is to point to in the case of must use, can keep the characteristics of all kinds of necessary can exert maximum tensile. Allowable tensile change according to the different use. Allowable tensile membrane dosage is less, the greater the packaging capital is lower. Five of stretch film aluminum foil, aluminum foil self-adhesive stretch film touch after adhesion between film, after stretching around during package, can make the packaging product fastening and won't let up. Since the viscosity is influenced by multiple factors outside. Such as moisture, dust and pollutants. Get the self-adhesive film there are two main types. One is processing surface smooth film with gloss; 2 it is used to add adhesive padding agent, the effect of a wet film appearance attacks, and then improve the adhesion.
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