The reason for the plastic bags is of fade

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
Plastic packaging customization is one of the ways in which we often use of manufacturing products, but in the process of using found it appear problem, lead to the question is what reason, now it's time to learn about you? Product solution of fade method is more actually, first of all, we are in the process of customized products, need in the process of manufacturing, needs to use impact light processing, the purpose is to save the cost price, the result is made convenient bag forming after severe rub off. Convenience bag haven't fully completed, placed in the environment of the poor protection for too long will rub off, after all the various aspects of performance is not stable. Is because the quality of the ink selection problem again after printing color appear fall off also. So you have to choose the right ink. To rub off the order convenience bag, it is best not to buy, if manufacturer so irresponsible, most likely there are other convenient bag.
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