The production process and process of food vacuum bag!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
The food vacuum bag in the world today, the vast majority are made of dry after legally, one of the few can also be used without solvent after legal or a total of extrusion after legal to manufacturing. Dry type composite than solvent-free composite is high, the quality of the permutation and combination of materials reasonable and widely than common composite extrusion, also more at ease use. In our country, currently one hundred percent of the vacuum bags are made of dry after legal to, so here is only about dry type composite manufacturing processes. 1, according to the vacuum packing bag end use to determine what base material, how are adopted, should use what kind of printing ink and adhesive. So-called end-use, refers to the packaging is mainly used for what kind of food, what is the weight of the package. Good packaging to withstand high temperature after ( 121 degrees, 128 degrees, where is high temperature cooking bags can reach 140 degrees) , let the bags have a reasonable price, so the clear end use it is very important. 2, determine the process parameters. After determining the base material and auxiliary material to consider these, you can place the order to the workshop to produce. As a workshop production technology management and operating personnel, must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process of single to collar, stock, don't make a mistake. Specific operation, to follow the process of single process parameters, including the glue roller line number and the network depth, glue solution concentration operation, bake, the heating temperature, blast volume rebate, start-up speed of high and low, the size of the exhaust air rolling tension, bake, tension, and winding tension control, composite steel roller surface temperature and pressure, and so on. In the above process parameters, the volume of glue ( Usually 4 ~ 5 g/m2) And volume of residual solvent ( The national standard is less than 10 mg/m2, the enterprise internal control is less than 3 mg/m2) best , the key is to do a good job in the vacuum packing bag inner quality, must be taken seriously.
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