The importance of green bags cut off

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
After decades of development, food packaging industry has become a hot industry, role in the life. Food packaging development in our country is still relatively backward, is mainly because of a late start, the technology is not advanced, so can't fully satisfy the requirement of the rapid development now food packaging industry. At present, there are serious insufficient packing food packaging field in China and the phenomenon of excessive packaging. Lack of scientific collocation between food and food packaging bags, thereby causing loss to the food a lot due to lack of packaging protection. Some food, on the other hand, due to the excessive packaging packaging materials waste, food prices on the high side, but also increase the environmental burden. Reasonable food packaging should be to have proper protection, including physical, chemical, and biological properties of protection and not flamboyant elegant decoration, convenient storage, transportation and consumer use. Cut off food packaging is one of the most popular in the world today the packing method. Want to packing out a very good quality product, it must choose barrier option. Food packaging requirements are determined by food features and environment of the packaging after shipping. General block packing will use aluminum plating film. Good, any a qualified aluminum plating film is superior to the corresponding water vapor barrier performance of PVDC coated film, but should also be considered as a barrier packaging to oxygen, the blocking of fragrance, the aluminum plating film is far less PVDC coated film. Food packaging has become an important part of enterprise development can not be ignored. The emergence of green food, the packaging requirements more strict, green food should match the green food packaging bags, food manufacturers unified management. In recent years, people pay more and more attention to food safety, green food packaging has become everyone's pour point. Companies in the process of food production, packaging and printing link to eliminate harmful material residues and other issues, not only to promote their own products, also want to focus on the environmental protection problem. Food packaging safety problem to be reckoned with. Many bags of harmful substances, often cause the human body as the chief culprit of a variety of diseases. Especially in the process of packaging and printing, benzene, hexane, halogenated hydrocarbon containing harmful chemical materials such as do the main raw material of ink, will has a harmful effect on human body. As general composite packaging materials to use in printing a large number of printing ink, adhesive and organic solvent, if there is no set aside enough time for production enterprises of benzene evaporate in the packaging process, the benzene residues in the packaging, after more than a certain amount will pose a threat to human health, also can't ensure the quality of the safety of the food itself. At present, in view of the concept of green food packaging bags. Our strict limits on the quality of food packaging printing ink, ink security standard has entered into trial operation stage. No aromatic solvent, soybean oil, water-based solvents and other important environmental factors has been widely used in food packaging, believe that will get some effect!
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