The future development of packaging machinery

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
The future development of packaging machinery release date: 2020 - 03 - 17 the characteristics of packaging machinery, packaging machinery more belong to automatic machinery, it has the commonness of automatic machinery, also has its own characteristics, the main characteristics of packaging machinery as follows. 1. Most there are many different kinds of packing machines, complex structure, movement speed, movement precision is higher. To meet the requirements of different performance, stiffness and surface quality of parts have higher requirements. 2. Used in food, medicine and other health standard higher products, packaging machinery to facilitate cleaning, parts in contact with the food, drugs and packaging to use stainless steel or treated with chemicals non-toxic materials. 3. For packaging operations process force is generally small, so the motor power of the packaging machinery is smaller. 4. Packaging machinery is generally adopts stepless speed change device, so that the flexible packing speed adjustment, adjust the production capacity of packaging machine. Because there are many factors affecting the quality of packaging, such as packaging machine work mechanism motion state, working environment temperature, humidity, the quality of the packaging materials and packaging, etc. So, to facilitate the adjustment of the machine, to meet the needs of the packaging quality and production capacity, often to packing machine designed to stepless adjustable, namely USES the stepless speed change device, some parts are designed to be adjustable. 5. Packaging machinery is a special kind of professional machinery, the use of demand is limited. For ease of manufacturing and maintenance, reduce equipment investment, should be paid attention to in all kinds of packaging machinery design versatility and versatility. A: plastic bags under the printing process of an article: food packaging can affect what aspects
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