The advantages of aluminum foil mask bag

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
With the improvement of life quality, more and more people begin to pay attention to his appearance, a lot of young and middle-aged people will choose to apply some mask, to maintain their own skin. So the demand of the mask bag also in unceasing increase, the requirement of container is also rising. In forward 10 years, packaging industry development and didn't get the attention. People's demand for packaging is just a security and the level of the container. With the development of packaging industry, behind the performance requirements of packaging materials is higher and higher. Aluminum foil mask bag also is so, then how do we choose the aluminum foil to do face film bags, one of the basic materials of? Aluminum is a silvery white light metal. Malleable. Aluminum foil is often as a column, bar, sheet, foil, powder, filamentous and irregular shape. In humid air can generate a layer to avoid corrosion of metal oxide film, and very stable! + PE composite film of face of bag, aluminum foil is very stable chemical properties, non-toxic tasteless, high barrier property, high shading sex, high moisture resistance, low temperature cold storage can effectively inhibit bacteria reproduction, is conducive to protect the mask of the nutrients are not loss, good is absorbed by human body skin. People now demand is not only the level of the container bags, on the premise of security, to maximize its product use are what we thing to consider. Use aluminum foil mask bag the advantage of aluminum foil mask bag and stable chemical properties, in the case of security, the essence of the mask maximum can be preserved. Make more efficient use of the mask can, thus to promote the experience of the product!
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