Tell you a high temperature cooking bags break with three reasons

by:Kolysen     2020-11-24
High-temperature cooking bags of the most common problem is to break the bag, the cause of the torn bags and material structure, the gluing quantity is unstable and bag making process has a lot to do with these three aspects. A high temperature cooking bags, material structure surface material thermal stability after cooking is very important, especially in cooking after cooling the size stability, heat stability is bad prone to cooking after cooling contraction abscission layer stripping which result in the phenomenon of broken bags. Second, the glue is stable high-temperature cooking bags are basically adopts dry compound, commonly used in composite by the main agent and curing agent composed of two component polyurethane adhesive glue agent. To high temperature cooking, usually for high solid content of aliphatic two-component polyurethane adhesive. If you want to get a higher heat resistance, water resistance can be added to the adhesive on the coupling agent of 1%. Glue concentration is too high easy blocking glue network version of the site, make the gluing quantity is less and less; Low concentration of glue, glue is not easy to transfer to the material, usually is the main agent and curing agent in accordance with the provisions, mixing ratio, adding solvent dilution to work after mixing adhesives solid content is 30%. Three, bag making process of bag making process that affect bag heat sealing strength in sealing three factors: the temperature of the heat sealing knife, pressure and machine speed.
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