Teach you how to judge of the aluminum foil bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
Nowadays, bags can be seen everywhere in our daily life, an excellent thing in the world, is used to preserve food including theory of long-term preservation of food bag must belong to the aluminum foil bag, that how to judge a aluminium foil bag quality? Below small make up from four aspects to explain one by one for you: one, the first is the material of aluminum foil bag to see the sample when the choose and buy to smell any special odor. If there is peculiar smell then do not conform to the hygiene standards and also may affect the normal use of the aluminum foil bag. If there is no special smell, you can check the aluminum foil bag whether the definition of uniform, if there is a sense of impurities, etc. Second, look at the aluminum foil bag fastness level of solid aluminum foil bag mainly divided into two kinds, in line with the strong and hot air solid degrees. Shanghai aluminum foil bag bag for materials and different levels of different so strong. Main distinction method is on the bag sealing side by hand. Made of nylon and high voltage composite membrane bag generally it is hard to tear by hand, can be used to compare a heavy products such as semiconductor items, such as large particles, and hot sealing membrane made of OPP bag tear is good, can only put some light products; Tear the bag, to look at the shape of cross section and structure, if from evenly split between heat sealing bag, bag heat sealing is very poor, easy to broken during production, if the tear from sealing side, shows that heat sealing quality is better; Secondly also look at packaging composite fastness, method is to first take a look at several segments layer structure, reoccupy hand look at can you separate it, if it is not easy to separate, then composite fastness is good, if a gently pull it apart, explain quality is poor; So check the aluminum foil bag firm level and at the same time it remains to be seen whether the packing bag surface bubbles or buckling, etc. Three, aluminum foil bag appearance smoothness uniformity first observation of the aluminum foil bag. General flatness is higher, the better, but except for based on different needs, such as packaging bags made of nylon and high pressure composite membrane, its heat sealing bag will have wavy; Also to be seen whether trimming bags and tidy, as tidy as possible. Suzhou shuttle packing not only produces aluminum foil bag, and anti-static shielding bag and transparent vacuum bag. Four, see the aluminum foil bag printing quality of aluminum foil bag printing quality real figure, realistic level, the higher the better. Then see if the bag drawing, fog version, version, the phenomenon such as printing, if appear this kind of circumstance is not standard printing requirements. Now most of the aluminum foil bag manufacturers have cut corners. To remind the broad masses of users in aluminum foil bag of choose and buy must pay attention to the above to identify the quality of aluminum foil bag a few points for you, from the aluminum foil bag bag materials, fastness, appearance judging uniformity, aluminum foil bag printing quality; When the choose and buy of a lot of people are worried about the quality problem of the aluminum foil bag very, so you can choose dongguan bate packaging design requirements of aluminum foil bag, customized for you and provide free samples for you to try!
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