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by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
Tea is get the welcome of people, except that it is one of the popular good drinks, but also because it can be to human body health and treatment effect. So how to processing the tea? Will now tea pollution-free processing technology is introduced as follows: construction of processing factory to stay away from landfill, livestock farm, hospitals, such as a cesspool above 50 meters, away from the often spraying pesticide fields more than 100 meters, away from the main road traffic more than 20 meters, away from the 'three wastes' emissions of industrial enterprises. For clean water, adequate, full of sunlight. For preliminary processing plant should be built in the vicinity of tea garden center or safety, convenient traffic, life and communication. Processing plant should be from the living area and office area, irrelevant personnel should not enter the production area. Factory environment should be neat, clean, no peculiar smell. Roads should be laid rigid pavement, drainage system, greening environment needs. To hard ground, wall smooth, bright and clean, no dirt. Processing and packaging field at least should be comprehensive cleaning and disinfection before the tea season at a time. Tea warehouse should have closed, moistureproof function, tea storage of conditional with cold storage, preservation temperature 5 ℃ or so. Application processing workshop daylighting is good, the light intensity of illumination reached more than 500 lx ( Note: the light intensity of illumination for short, refers to the light in front of the luminous flux density on the surface, is said be illuminated by light surface degree of a quantity, Lx is means codes of unit of illumination. General 1 Lx to 1 the brightness of the candles out) 。 Processing plant should be issued by the health administrative departments of health permit. Processing equipment of tea processing equipment should choose environmental protection of the famous tea processing machinery and equipment, such as filming for the multifunctional machine, the machine, the whole machine, etc. Bulk tea processing equipment between the stove, hot blast stove should be located in processing workshop wall, anti-rust oil on the surface of the new equipment to remove material. The beginning of each tea season, processing equipment for cleaning, rust removal and maintenance. Researchers asked production processing personnel should receive pre-job training, master the processing technology and operation skills. Annual health check. Processing personnel should maintain personal hygiene, to enter the workplace should wash hands, change clothes, shoes, hats. Processing technology of fresh leaves should be from pollution-free tea plantation, should not be mixed with other unknown fresh leaves. Shai fresh leaves and in strict accordance with the acceptance standard, can not buy the adulteration, contains the tea material and the deterioration of quality, fresh leaf and tea processing. Fresh leaves should be reasonable storage, storage of fresh green leaves on the ground should not be stacking thickness of more than 30 cm, according to the article about the enterprise standards, industry standards and processing, flat, needles, crimp famous tea and liquor, baked oolong tea. According to the fresh leaf varieties, rank or raw material, adopts the corresponding processing technology, to ensure that product quality is normal. During processing of tea is not direct contact with the ground. To conform to the requirements of the food packaging materials. Tea farmers machining farmers should have special field processing, have to stop place, livestock and poultry processing facilities. Processing sites during processing should not be stored other sundry. Processing of tea pot, kitchen should be special, should not be used in daily life cookers, processing of tea. Processing should be kept in the process of tea does not directly contact with the ground. Application of water to wash their hands before making tea, access to the processing area should be in shoes, processing should not be smoking and spitting. Brewed tea to be stored in a dry and sealed, avoid light and shade. Do not use newspaper printing ink printing paper packaging such as tea, do not allow the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene material packaging tea. Advocate change farmers dispersed for centralized processing according to the standard processing. With the continuous development of society, people more and more concerned about their health, food is not to eat, people are more focused on its health care function, from health to health protection food has become inevitable. Tea as a walk in the forefront of health care products, in a certain period to ensure that its quality is not affected by or maximum reduce, effectively prolong the tea packaging, let consumer can buy the color, aroma, taste and shape are well-preserved tea products. Tea store is on the basis of the basic tea packaging, to ensure that the tea keep original quality of a process.
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