Red jujube consumers 'fraud' losing packet?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Qingyuan a citizen for the price of 12300 yuan in a big pharmacy after bought 280 bags of red jujube, in red date do not meet the requirements of food safety standards for pharmacy withdrew a compensate ten. A few days ago, qingyuan district court accepted the cases of consumer rights protection & other; Anti-counterfeit & throughout; Case, the court in the final judgment to dismiss the lawsuit after find out the case facts. 【 Red packet 】 In January, according to the court to find out the consumer Liu Moumou a large pharmacy in qingyuan city qing city with 12300 yuan price bought 280 bags & other; If & times; Red date & throughout; And & other New & times; Red date & throughout; The entire video, and the buying process. Since then, Liu Moumou with red jujube packaging are no label, no label production date, do not accord with standard of food safety grounds. To the court for pharmacy a compensate ten back in accordance with the law. Qingyuan city qing city at a big pharmacy defence claims that the sale of red jujube from formal channels, there is no problem on the quality. The whole case red jujube packaging production date and the certificate of approval, upon request of Liu Moumou is partial shipments, there is no Liu Moumou pre-packaged referred to in the case. After the court found that qingyuan city qing city sales outbound list and certificate of approval of a major pharmacy display: the xinjiang red jujube ( If & times; ) 230000 g, origin of hebei province, will be valid until January 2017, the production date will be on January 12, 2016; Red dates, New & times; ) 50000 g, origin of hebei, will expire in December 2016, the production date for December 12, 2015. From Liu Moumou submit the video of the transaction can be clearly seen in the video red jujube are deposited in the former taken out involved has indicate the product name, manufacturer, date, quality grade etc. Large paper box. Liu Moumou after buying red jujube, the businessman by weight on the red bag packaging, small red plastic bag packaging appearance not paste production date, manufacturer, such as related to health, nutrition and food safety requirements. The court noted that Liu Moumou buy from pharmacy premises of the large number of red jujube, the amount is larger, completely beyond the general consumer demand, but also in the process of buying for targeted video footage, which is different from the general ordinary consumers. Court decided large pharmacy sales, not prepackaged foods, and that business has provided evidence that the sale of red jujube from normal channel replenish onr's stock, have qualified certificate, packing for the whole case red jujube also conform to the stipulations of the law of food safety in our country's food safety standards. And Liu Moumou failed to evidence to prove that because eat red jujube was impaired, also cannot prove pharmacies are selling red date does not meet the food safety law of the People's Republic of China food safety standards as stipulated in article 26, so the decision dismissed Liu Moumou all the claims.
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