Porous anti-fog fruit and vegetable packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
Porous anti-fog fruit and vegetable bags usage scenarios still have life after harvest, fruit and vegetable products to maintain their normal metabolism, to maintain the fresh quality. Stored procedure is very important, therefore, according to the different fruits and vegetables of the organizational structure and physiological characteristics, control its breathing, metabolism, reduce moisture loss, the role of case of microbes and enzymes, and protect the integrity of the fruit and vegetable group, commonly used in the process of storage transportation way has two kinds of low temperature and gas. Porous anti-fog and main effect of fruit and vegetable packaging is adjustable. Principle for the respiration of fruit and vegetable products, in the damp environment, when the humidity reaches below the dew point, to condense on the surface layer of small water droplets, the surface fuzzy atomization, hindered the light through. So after the product packaging will be formed on the inner wall of the packaging bags, water vapour, condensate on the inner wall of the bags, which formed on the inner wall of the bag, surface water, water droplets, the fog. Serious affect the light transmittance of packaging bags, brightness, preservation performance, dripping water droplets are also of vegetables, fruits and mushrooms have influence on the storage cycle such as agricultural products, in order to satisfy the product's normal respiration and metabolism, we will open a small hole on the bag. Bags of internal gas discharge in a timely manner, avoid to produce fog, affect the light transmittance. Insufficient material collocation and common ordinary material collocation are OPP + CPP, PET, CPP, single-layer PE, etc. Sometimes ordinary porous anti-fog fruit and vegetable bags alone cannot be thoroughly to solve the problem and control the metabolism of fruit and vegetable products, so you need to have a certain gas permeability of PE, PP resin as basic material, with gas adsorption is added in the thin film of the manufacturing process of porous tuff stone, christobalite and silica micro powder, anti-fog, absorb ethylene can improve film, water absorbing, and antibacterial performance. Because of this principle, added the adsorption material PE, PP films are often processed into a variety of multi-function fresh-keeping packaging, but because is to use the physical way, the film to absorb ethylene gas ability is limited, so much for broccoli, cucumbers, fresh lotus root root and fresh vegetables such as mushrooms. For ethylene production amount of vegetables and fruits can be inside the bag in the ethylene adsorbent enhancement effect.
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