Plastic packing tell you need what to problem note when printing

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
Plastic bags generally fall into two kinds, one kind is the supermarket logo printed on the plastic bag, there are some contact information such as advertising; Another is the simple plastic bags, what all have no printing. Both use a plastic shopping bags in the supermarket or mall, the second is generally in small shops, or a store, vegetable market. Supermarket to use plastic bags, generally need to print on the plastic bag, then printing plastic bags need to pay attention to what issues? First, filtered to the plastic bag printing factory, this believe don't you do too much introduction, small make up a large size and strength are the plastic bag factory, can provide customers better products, its products in terms of safety and environmental protection degree are small manufacturer can not be compared. Secondly, the choice of the plastic bag printed material, this is very important, because in the production of plastic bags material, there is a kind of polypropylene materials, the material is a kind of poisonous and harmful polluting material, if the material used in your custom printing plastic bags, one thing is very dangerous. Finally, plastic bag printing size control problem, the problem that big is not big, said small not small, at the time of custom-built plastic bags, must be straightened out the size of plastic bags, then according to the size of plastic bag printing, made such a good bag to meet customer demand. Pure plastic shopping bags are used for shopping malls supermarkets, stores, and so on consumer place, this is also our daily access to more, every time I go to the supermarket always little not carry back to one or two bags. Supermarket shopping bag and so on is mainly have the effect of the convenient shopping, and spread the role of the enterprise or product information service. Now there are many companies will choose to spend on the bag, its well-made, better able to demonstrate their corporate image, also can form the good use effect. Followed by public shopping bag is also often used, it mainly depends on some words and the pattern of knowledge such as the role of public service ads, can choose to some public logo printed in the above quotations etc and propaganda, in fact this is not only a kind of public welfare in the spread of withdrawal at the same time can also become a kind of positive energy, such as shopping bag bag into common people's life, its effect is very obvious.
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