Packing bags of food inspection standards have?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
Flexible packaging industry in the quality of food packaging, especially the health quality is directly related to the packaging of food safety, so to ensure that the use of raw materials and additives to meet the requirements of the quality management system. Must improve the packaging film bag industry and national standards and strictly implemented, to strengthen the inspection supervision of food packaging, to prevent unqualified food packaging into the market, strengthen management, to ensure the healthy development of the flexible packaging industry. Food packaging of single film bag inspection items are divided into the following categories: appearance may not have to use the hindrance of bubbles, perforation, water lines, critical reinforcement, plasticizing, fisheye frozen block to prevent disease. Specifications, width, length and thickness deviation are due within a prescribed scope. Physical and mechanical properties including tensile strength, elongation at break, is it reflect product in use process along with the ability to stretch, if this is unqualified, in use process food sack prone to rupture, damage phenomenon. Health performance including evaporation residue ( Acetic acid, ethanol and n-hexane) , potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metal, decolorizing test. Evaporation residue is reflect the food packaging bags in use process in vinegar, wine, oil and other liquid precipitation when the possibility of residue, heavy metals, residue and heavy metal can produce bad effects on human health, moreover residue will directly affect food color, aroma, taste and other edible quality. Degradation in performance depending on the type of degradation product is different, can be divided into photodegradation, biodegradable, environmental degradation. Degradation of performance is to reflect the product's ability to be disposed in the use of acceptance, if the degradation performance is good, bag will be under the joint action of light and microorganism, fracture, differentiation and degradation, eventually become debris, to be accepted by the natural environment, If the degradability bad environment will not be accepted, thus forming & other; White pollution & throughout; 。 Food packaging composite film bags of inspection items are divided into the following categories: appearance should level off, without cut, burn, bubbles, and oil, and wrinkle, heat sealing level off, without a virtual closure. Film can not have crack, pore and composite layer separation. Without impurities, foreign bodies, and oil and pollution. Bag soaking liquid, can not have odor, odour, turbidity and decoloring phenomenon. Physical and mechanical properties including tensile strength, elongation at break, is it reflect product in use process under tensile ability, if this is unqualified, in use process rupture is prone to food packaging bags, damage phenomenon. In addition to include gas barrier property indexes such as volume through the air; Oil resistant degree index, heat resistance, cold-resistant, medium resistance; Bag sealing stripping force, bag, such as pressure and resistance to fall indicators, the indicators reflect the reliability of the food sack packing materials inside the protection. Health performance need to be pointed out that our country to corresponding hygiene standards of food packaging materials in addition to the above, there are two laws: one is the food hygiene law of the People's Republic of China, the second is the measures for the administration of food in plastic products and raw materials. Is much larger than the content of the food hygiene law measures for the administration, is a comprehensive law, which is professional, only refers to the plastic products and raw materials, limit the scope of control in contact with all kinds of plastic tableware, food containers, pipelines, conveyor belt and plastic packaging materials and the use made of synthetic resins and additives. Plastic tableware refers to the spoon, spoon, chopsticks and so on short time contact food but to the repeated use of the plastic products. Container refers to the barrel, plastic bottles, POTS, cups, etc costumes food products. Production line refers to the material in the process of food processing, especially liquid food or drink through the pipeline, also should including filling and storage. Conveyor belt refers to the delivery of food raw materials to processing equipment of the carrier, and refers to the monolithic and composite packaging materials of bottles, barrels, tray, roll film and bag, the roll of film packaging film, bag sealing membrane and membrane. Manufacturing food flexible packaging, composite packaging materials should strictly carry out the measures for the management of all of the manufacturer. The processing of plastic film bag must after heating the checkpoint, and at the time of the heated plastic cracking, oxidation and degradation, bad problem, therefore, when use resin processing plastic film or bag, to join in the resin antioxidant, heat stabilizer and other additives. Some packaging film bag as a result of the need of packaging technology and mechanical or contents also requires high anti-static, prevent dewing, smooth, so also want to join the antistatic agent, antifoggant, lubricants, opening agent such as additives. All of these additives, the first thing to the GB15139 'food safety toxicology evaluation procedure of the test, prove just can use non-toxic, but there is also an added amount limit. So, in the products, these can be extraction of low molecular weight material, namely evaporation residue, or can be the oxidation, potassium permanganate consumption, cannot exceed the prescribed amount, can't use more than. For FRP products, therefore, must have the corresponding health standards, its purpose, is to prevent abuse and misuse of additive, is to ensure better direct food packaging and contact materials with high health and safety performance.
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