Packaging manufacturer to introduce you to affect the safety of food packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
Packaging manufacturer to introduce you to affect the safety of food packaging due to the release date: 2019 - 06 - 26 manufacturer engaged in plastic packaging industry has more than ten years, profoundly understand the food safety is to let many people care about a problem. But when it comes to food safety, are going to have to say food plastic packaging bags. Food plastic bags as personal items of food, about food is a direct relationship. Food to remove itself safety, another indirectly affect the food safety items, that is, food plastic packaging bags. Food packaging is different because of the material, food plastic packaging has the characteristics of its is not the same. As food close material, its quality, printing ink is also very important. Some bags with exquisite design, use of ink very much, the benzene content of class material is more, if its excess residue, human consumption, it is likely to cause chronic poisoning. Many companies blindly the excessive pursuit of exquisite packaging, often ignored the food safety problem. In addition, food packaging material can be recovery rate is low, in both safety and environmental protection. Here to teach you a few simple and easy to identify the packing has non-toxic method: 1, the water test: plastic bags into the water, the surface is non-toxic plastic, anyway, toxic; 2, hand touch test: and smooth feeling for non-toxic, or toxic. 3, shoot game: gives the crisp sound of non-toxic, instead of toxic; 4, burning method: flammable nontoxic, or poisonous. The previous: the composite packaging material difference next article: manufacturer how to improve the production quality of food packaging.
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