How to solve the smell food packaging bags, are you sure you unexpected?

by:Kolysen     2021-01-28
We're bound to have inventory when making food packaging bags, but some of the food packaging there will be some odor, this bag packaging food is not safe, so food packaging in the event of a peculiar smell when we should be how to solve? Small make up today as everyone put forward analysis reference for the masses of users: food packaging bags appear peculiar smell, mainly from the printing ink and composite adhesive solvent ink or composite adhesives solvent, some are from composite bags lining; So should pay attention to when making composite bags: 1, design of food packaging printing design to choose color and monochrome elements, less as far as possible to avoid the substance full version of the printed pattern. 2 don't use, selection of food packaging printing ink smell a larger table printing ink. Don't use high boiling point solvents, containing impurities such as tar, benzene, mixed benzene, recycled solvent. 3, food packaging composite don't use high odor one-component PS composite glue adhesion agent. 4, food packaging bags of the lining at the beginning of composite film material, to check whether it has smell, don't use PE film with filler added to do the lining of the composite substrate. 5, food sack to improve printing speed, try to reduce the viscosity of printing ink, decrease inking, keep clear of drying box and the workshop ventilation, minimize ink and ink solvent residue.
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