How much is the fee of custom make rice bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
According to our experience customized packing bags of rice cost will be about 1 ~ 2 block, concrete price according to the demand for accounting. First, we need to clear custom with the difference between the spot, the spot of the bag is the finished product, can undertake selling plain code marks a price, also get rid of the production process for the customer, but the style is unitary. Custom is different, you can do the bag like, including the bag type, size, material, printing, craft and so on, but the premise is that customer requirements must be clear, why to clear requirements, don't direct quotation is ok? There is a myth that made as simple as a spot. Actually otherwise, here to explain to you why try to clear the specific requirements. Requirements: 1 bag type customized packaging bag type many, the production cost of different type of bag is not the same, the general 3-side type production cost is lower than other bag type, so the price and minimum quantity of floating is bigger, like regular 5 kg rice bags can custom only 5000 ~ 8000. Needs 2: size size will directly affect the size of the materials, minimum quantity, the version, the bigger the size the less minimum quantity, the more material with the higher the price, the version 3: the more expensive demand print fee of associated with the richness of color printing, color, the more the version number of the more, the higher the costs. Need 4: ( Material) Different USES its material collocation is different, the price is also differ in thousands ways, such as: a. Vacuum bags of rice, want to consider the air tightness of the bag, the stretching resistance, softness, antidetonating quality, avoid in the process of transportation was torn bags, so should be chosen to match and puncture-proof PE and nylon. b。 Dried fruit nuts packaging will choose BOPP + PET aluminum plating + PE or BOPP + aluminum + PE, to ensure that the moisture resistance, fragrant and shading. c。 Resistance to freezing to packed in nylon + PE. High temperature resistant bags with RCPP materials. So if you want to know the particular value of custom bags, use must be clear, the best material combination is given. Demand 5: about bag composite layer thickness thickness, bag do more thick, a layer of material is more complex, so the higher the price. Needs 6: the number of quantity and factors that influence the prices generally do minimum quantity, and the minimum quantity is counted according to size. All in all, customer's demand to give more detailed price is more accurate, more advantageous to the customer, if the information is incomplete parameters, not only the bad side bags manufacturer offer, also adds to the cost of communication, caused a bad user experience to customers. Information about the plastic packaging customization, minimum quantity why high'
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