Frozen food packaging common problems and solutions

by:Kolysen     2020-07-01
Problem a: packaging strength problems under the environment of low temperature performance of packaging materials, the bag is easy to become fragile. Lead to explosive bags. Solution: in view of the product under different temperature, use different material collocation, such as product in - 18 ℃ or - Frozen 30 ℃ low temperature environment, the recommended material collocation are: NY/PE, PET/NY/LLDPE, PET/NY/AL/PENY ( Nylon) Material performance in low temperature environment is stable, has a low temperature resistance, impact resistance, prevent the characteristics, such as puncture can be avoided in the process of transporting and storing for collision detonation bag. Problem two: easy to tear problems bags to easy to tear is to provide users with convenient, but in the process of transporting and storing will inevitably collide, resulting in easy tear crack, the frozen food packaging bags lost themselves. Solution: adjust the easy tear the shape of the mouth, conventional easy tear mouth is used as shown in figure 1. 0 shape, but the material performance in low temperature environment, easy tear force will be smaller, so can't use this shape is easy to tear. ( Figure 1. 0) Can be used as shown in figure 1. 1 easy tear in the shape of mouth, careful observation will find easy to tear the mouth is a circular arc form, according to the principle of mechanics, easy tear force of circular arc form, even if the material performance degradation, also can't tear easily. ( Figure 1. 1) Ps: about easy to tear the mouth tear strength size affect the easy tear difficulty problem, in part because of the material, the other part is that the size of the force, considering the frozen food packaging general size is larger, the stress will be better, so ignore the material problem, do not make further discussion. Question 3: the sealing problem bags sealing degree and strong degree is associated with heat sealing temperature, pressure, if the temperature is too high or too low will cause bags sealing problem and strong. Solution: in the case of what is not sure the sealing temperature, can find some bags to test different temperature range, until the sealing side of similar lines with the manufacturer's sealing side lines. If is manual heat sealing machine is taken into account, the problem of pressure for a balance between the temperature and pressure as far as possible. Problem four: the fog problem due to the products under the low temperature storage, is needed in the process of selling out and selling in the freezer, resulting in bags inside and outside temperature difference is bigger, easy to produce the fog, affect the product sales. Solutions: wrapping up the fog is a physical phenomenon, belongs to the normal phenomenon is caused by temperature difference between inside and outside, but some consumers will be considered to be the product of bad fog, the solution is to try to reduce the storage environment temperature change.
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