Food plastic bags: identify the six methods of vacuum bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
Mention the vacuum bag, what can you think of? First of all, you will say, vacuum bag is used for food bag. Toxic vacuum bags can bring hidden danger to food safety, but may be well qualified vacuum bags have the effect of dustproof, fresh, this is also our family cannot leave the cause of the vacuum packing bag, so choose products safe and reliable vacuum packaging enterprises is very necessary. Let's look at how to recognize the quality of vacuum bags in daily life quality! Method one: toxic vacuum bag for color or is white, but the transparency is poor, the turbidity, tensile plastic surface uneven, with small particles. Non-toxic vacuum bag with a white, transparent or light transparent, uniform texture; Method 2: heavy water test to vacuum bag into the water, with the hand to press it to the bottom, just a moment, the surface is non-toxic plastic vacuum bag, sink in the bottom is toxic vacuum bag. Method 3: listening to the sounds with the hand shake hard food vacuum bag, a crisp sound of rushing lala that is non-toxic food vacuum bag; And sound small, stuffy is poisonous food vacuum bag. Method 4: vacuum bag flammable nontoxic, yellow flame tip, local in cyan, burning like a candle tears dripping, the smell of paraffin; Poisonous vacuum bags won't burn, away from the fire that is quenched, flame cutting-edge yellow, green, at the bottom of the softening can drawing. Method 5: is tasteless non-toxic plastic bags; Have to stimulate abnormal smell or taste is toxic. Methods six: hand by hand touch surface of plastic packaging bags, very smooth and is non-toxic; Sticky, hair acerbity, waxy feeling is toxic. Quality of food vacuum bag in no apparent brush strokes trace on the exterior, is there a pinhole leak, the mainest is check whether the pincer-like device is unqualified, the seal if is very strong, neat aspect, then the vacuum bag is good bag.
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