Food packing bags of desiccant inside and what is the difference between oxygen agent

by:Kolysen     2020-08-02
Food packing bags of desiccant inside and what is the difference between oxygen agent? Desiccant is a clearing agent absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, its principle is to ship by physical adsorption of water molecules in the own structure or chemically absorbing water molecules and change its chemical structure, become another kind of material. Oxygen agent role as the principle is to use the material in the oxidation process of absorption of oxygen, food packaging bags in the oxygen absorption into the free oxygen, so that the packaging form without oxygen environment in the body. A small bag of oxygen agent can be 200 & ndash; In 300 ml of packaging in the oxygen concentration decreased to zero. Below 1%, can prevent the oxidation of food in such an environment, at the same time of anaerobic environment can inhibit the growth of aerobic biological and various pests reproduction, thus to extend or food packaging in the purpose of easy oxidation of other goods shelf life.
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