Food packaging play an important role in the industry

by:Kolysen     2020-06-18

food packaging in the food industry is a very important part of its quality can directly affect the sales of the product. Therefore, each big food companies to food packaging strict requirements and to promote the progress of our food packaging industry. Direct contact with food packaging materials and containers are an integral part of the food, it accompanies the whole process of food production, circulation and use. Especially meat food, there are two ways to long-term preservation of words, the first cold storage, the second use vacuum packaging vacuum preservation. Direct contact with food. As a result, vacuum food packaging quality safety is very important.

as a new packaging materials, new equipment, new technology, new technology constantly emerging, food packaging will present a more convenient and safe, more in line with the requirements of environmental protection. Food packaging bags will synchronize with food sales sales growth; Because some food companies willing to buy more valuable, more secure, more security, anti-counterfeiting, prevent children eating, convenient old person.

shell to be able to make food and oxygen, water vapor, stains, such as seepage prevention is also the necessary factors of packaging design. Some packaging include the desiccant or deoxidizer to prolong shelf life. Vacuum packaging or go to the air inside the bag is the main method of food packaging. Save the food within the shelf life of clean, fresh and safety is the first function of packs.

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