Food packaging how to choose correct

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
Food packaging how to correctly choose release date: 2018 - 10 - 08 food sack how to choose the right? How to correctly choose plastic bags? What is the packing bag of qualified? Next liaoning cob packaging left simple note: 1. Food packaging bags have specific information, such as: Chinese logo, name, address, product name, logo, etc. When food sack factory should have the factory inspection report, quality certificate etc. 2. Food packaging production factory of time should be no smell, if there is peculiar smell, so the bags are not qualified bags, must not be used in food packaging. 3. Some are reworked material bags, colored plastic bags, for example, black, dark red, these are made with plastics recycling. 4. To buy food packaging should be to qualified companies to buy, don't go to street stalls to buy. 5. , if have the ability to buy paper packaging as far as possible, because the paper bag is green environmental protection material, less pollution to the environment, those made of plastic food packaging is not easy to explain, can cause environmental pollution, influence can even tens of years. 6. Biodegradable packaging is the best ideal, because biodegradable bags to protect the environment, easy to environmental decomposition, will not pollute the environment. That is food sack how to correctly choose the six factors, specializing in the production of customized food packaging bags, vacuum bags, plastic bags, paper bags, such as rice bag, free design all kinds of packaging, choose choose packaging packaging manufacturer. A: what are food safety sign next article: what is the material of aluminum foil bag
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