Food bag bag making machine problems will appear in the working process

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20

【 Food bag] Bag making machine, printing and packaging industry the last item in the production process, all process is the most complicated thing.

why bag making this process complicated?

【 Food packing. Bag, simple two words summed up the process, but the need to pay attention to many, many points. Below list will be.

1, temperature, and each bag need to have their own suitable temperature, hot knife temperature level and operators will be detailed records. Low temperature can make the bag sealing is lax, the phenomenon of too high can cause a singe pincer-like device.

2, speed, why when it comes to speed, as is known to all, time is the cost of an enterprise, short time cost. In order to save time cost and increase the speed of this truth is simple. But what might be the problem too fast? One is pincer-like device temperature reach and the sealing is lax phenomenon, is a magic eye tracking less than tracking point ( Magic eye, bag making machine equipment tracking bag) 。

3, static, static electricity is everywhere in our life, also exists in our product - of course On the bag. The static electricity will bring us? When the bag is very thin, pay attention to the static electricity is a particularly important thing, because there is electrostatic, can make the produce bags aren't tidy ( Because repel each other, and attract) In the bag making machine outlet wave is a mess. 【 Plastic bags 】

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