Vacuum packaging vacuum is the key!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
Although most of vacuum packing bag is made of aluminum foil bag, the material is more expensive, but it is hard to composite use, material again good, also need to vacuum, cannot draw into a vacuum vacuum bag, is not the function of quality. So, vacuum bags can't repeated use, can only be used as a disposable packaging, after using the abandoned. The ability of vacuum packaging can protect the goods mainly comes from the vacuum, without the protection of the vacuum, goods is very easy to rot, especially food, can't protect the food. If repeated use, need the help of vacuum machine, also need the help of heat sealing equipment, this is what family does not have. Food vacuum bag quality is very important for food production and sales of businesses, substandard food vacuum bag cannot protect the food safety and hygiene, go against food storage transportation, at the same time, the unqualified food vacuum packaging of food quality such as colour, aroma and taste, not conducive to the marketing of food. For ordinary consumers, the unqualified products, vacuum bags will produce toxic pollution damage to the edible health. Quality closes nevertheless, therefore, food vacuum packaging bags harm is very big, in the process of production, vacuum bag manufacturer should be strictly the quality pass, improve the quality of food vacuum bag. What food is suitable for use of food vacuum bag is not suitable for every kind of food food vacuum bags to packaging, some fresh food and bulk food, it is not necessary to use vacuum bags to packaging, only carrying, package, function is ok. Food packing vacuum bags for those in the normal temperature, pressure, easy to decay, deterioration of food, such as meat and pickles food, also need to vacuum preservation liquid milk, these are all need to use food vacuum bags to store food. Vacuum bags can also be packaged non-food products, such as electronic products, and this product does not need bags have health level. Food machine small make up warm prompt: anything with a dialectical point of view, even when you are convenient and commonly used food packaging equipment will have its classification and the applicable scope, without any kind of food packaging is applicable to all food, to the health of my family and I consider, don't repeat the use of disposable vacuum food packaging, we can't make it to the repeated use of vacuum standard again, choose to use need to be careful, responsible for himself and his family, is responsible for the health and safety.
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