The use of vacuum packaging different scene!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-04
With the improvement of people's living standard continuously, with the accelerating pace of life, people also increased demand for convenience foods, to constantly improve the food packaging requirements. Especially meat and cooked food, particularly strict to storage conditions, can lead to products not taken inedible and reduces the trust of the consumers and businesses of product brand. Vacuum bags just solved the problem, but different USES vacuum bag, the material is different. As the change of storage and sterilization methods, also can improve the strength of materials. Once we list several usage scenarios; Ordinary frozen real bags: materials for ( BOPP/PE and BOPP/CPP) Requirements: cold resistance, low temperature heat sealing general tensile strength in general; Frozen packing usage scenarios, frozen dumplings, frozen beef meatball resistance to 40 degrees below zero, such as frozen vacuum bags: material for ( PA/PE) Requirements: high flexibility, high tensile strength. Usage scenarios fresh meat products; Ordinary vacuum bags: material is commonly ( PA / CPP, PET / CPP, PA / PE) General requirements: smoothness, resistance, violent resistance, moisture resistance, generally use scenarios, rice, electronic components, bacon, etc. ; 100 ~ 121 degrees high temperature resistant cooking vacuum bags: material for ( PA / AL / CPP, PET / AL / CPP) Requirements: good flatness, good tensile strength, good heat sealing strength, good heat sealing temperature, high resistance to impact strength, good water soluble glue, etc. ; Usage scenarios zongzi, leisure snacks, pickled products, such as 121 ~ 135 degrees high temperature resistant cooking vacuum bag packaging: material for ( PET / PA / AL / RCPP, PET / AL / PA / RCPP) Requirements: high smoothness, high tensile strength, high barrier property, high heat sealing strength, heat sealing temperature is high, high resistance to impact strength, glue water soluble higher; Usage scenarios aseptic milk, other aseptic food; In a different environment is not only the differences of material, there are differences of compound glue printing ink. If in high temperature environment, use the common material of vacuum packing bag will appear heat sealing layer stratification, blasting, glue melting, thus polluted food, caused can't eat bad to change! At the time of purchase to pay attention to communicate with factory purposes and usage scenarios.
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