The tea bags common material collocation!

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
Kraft paper + aluminum plating + PE advantage: the sealed container, good barrier property, no odor, high hardness, stereo sense is strong, conducive to product sales. At least 3 years warranty. BOPP + PET + PE aluminum advantage: the sealed container, good barrier property, no peculiar smell, matte film quality is good, have the effect that prevent wrinkles, is also one of the most common material in the market. At least 3 years warranty. YOPP + PET aluminum + PE advantages: smooth surface, good sealing, good moisture resistance, good barrier property. At least 3 years warranty. Kraft paper + PE advantages: low cost, high hardness, good stereoscopic effects, to promote product sales, shelf life one year PA + AL + PE advantages: barrier property, sealed, moisture resistance is very good, can be used in the vacuum bags, tea can be long-term storage shelf life of 5 years of above materials can be used in organ bags, self-supporting bag, eight edge-sealing bag, because the tea quality of a material is weak, cannot squeeze, so most businesses can choose large capacity, good stereoscopic type bag to make tea bags. To learn more about the tea bags, you can consult our customer service directly.
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