Put the packing bag of dried fruit and nuts with what material is better?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-18
1. Food packaging material is according to the actual demand for collocation; Listed here are a few pocket three edge-sealing mixed nuts bag/YOPP + AL + PE + UV process do UV process mainly is to let the content of the packaging printing distinct, ascension is beautiful, and choose AL ( Pure aluminum) It is sealed container stay joss-stick, 2 it is to improve the whole quality of the bag in line with the positioning of the product. Window self-supporting dried fruit zipper bag/VMPET YOPP + + PE generally 200 ~ 500 g will do open the window, using the YOPP ( Matt membrane) After VMPET for two reasons, one is to improve the bag quality and beautiful degree, secondly, prevent wrinkles, in the case of reuse for many times, compared with BOPP material bulging bags will not happen, can affect beautiful. Eight edge-sealing nut bags/use kraft paper, kraft paper + VMPET + PE + UV process material basically is to promote the bag is beautiful and stereo feeling, eight edge-sealing bag stereo feeling is very good, use kraft paper compound is undoubtedly will enlarge its characteristic is infinite. This can not only attract a specific consumer groups, from the vision can also capture the excitement of consumer from the psychological and the desire to buy. Want to know more food packaging material collocation, can consult our customer service!
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