Production of plastic packaging process is introduced

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
All kinds of plastic bags is production cannot access to People's Daily life, but a lot of people not understanding the processed, today to introduce you to the basic process of making plastic bags. Preferred, all kinds of plastic bags are made of plastic film processing, so the production of plastic film is the first step in the plastic bag making, call the link blow molding process, easy to speak is to purchase to plastic granules raw materials through the special plastic film blow blow molding machine make according to customers' requirement. Second, the production of plate making plastic bags. Because different plastic bags in addition to material specifications are different, the surface would include text pattern, etc, so in this section, prior to the start of the first to complete the process, and as a plastic bag manufacturers generally blow molding and plate making was conducted at the same time, blow molding board is also in place at the same time. Again, the colors and the plastic bag production with single or double sided. A color corresponds to a version, but not double color can be same version, this is no good, such as double the two colors will have to make 4 tablets. Plastic bag making general for gravure printing, adopt more for copper, also have offset. Finally, printing units are version and coil, adjusted the ink and can print. According to the different kinds of plastic bags, printed plastic film bag making way is different. Have need folding, composite, need cutting, punching, need welding handle. It's important to note that plastic bags make each working procedure is relatively independent, in the process of actual processing plastic bag manufacturer to arrange ensure cohesion of timeliness, so as to improve the production efficiency, on the premise of guarantee quality improve delivery timeliness.
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