Poison food packaging in the Netherlands

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05

net 15 nov overseas, according to a report in the Dutch small life, say Dutch food quality is one of the most reassuring, both in the product itself and the packaging is leverage. Recently, however, often have popped the Dutch media food safety problem, all sorts of recall also makes consumers & other; Panic & throughout; 。 Recently, and there is a bad news for the Dutch food, but this time the problem is not the food itself, but the food packing bag!

this is not the first time broke & other; Bags toxic & throughout; The news. Earlier, the Dutch food safety authority Foodwatch in Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Aldi and Lidl, and the Dutch supermarket, spot check of the 12 brand food, there are nine brand bags do not conform to the standard. These bags contain a kind of can be called MOAH carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbon mineral oil, are used for packaging products such as pasta and macaroni. After that, the food safety authority warned supermarkets and manufacturers to stop using such poisonous packaging. Most of the supermarket did, in addition to Aldi supermarket.

as a result, the Dutch food safety authority Foodwatch forced down Aldi two kinds of pasta products, including D & # 39; Antelli Tagliatelle 和 D' Antelli Tagliolini。 Food safety agency, said a spokesman for they have repeatedly warned Aldi, but supermarkets have been slow to act, so they had to force command below the two products.

this is called MOAH can be carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbon mineral oil on earth is what? MOAH is the by-product of the produced during the refining, food wrapping paper on ink water mixed with this kind of material; Thus, MOAH could penetrate into food. While eating a small amount of MOAH mineral oil will have a great harm to human body, but never accumulate, or may lead to adverse effects, especially for relatively weak immunity of children. European food security has also reported MOAH mineral oil is harmful to human body health, can lead to tissue damage, even there is a risk of carcinogenic mutations and organs.

however, we also need not too worried about, the Dutch food supervision bureau also stressed that a small amount of edible MOAH mineral oil does not cause great influence to the body health. They will also continue to tighten screening, reduce the food bag containing MOAH toxic substances, in order to ensure the safety of the people.

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