Plastic valve bag when use the matters needing attention

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
Plastic valve bag in time the matters needing attention when using: - 2019 09 - 18 plastic valve bag is mainly used for packaging, storing food, jewelry, medicine, cosmetics, frozen food, stamps, etc. , moisture-proof, waterproof, insect-resistant, prevent debris, inductive effect, to the buyer in the image of the specification, but also can be repeated use, gently press will be sealed firmly, non-toxic tasteless, good flexibility, sealing casual, very convenient. Plastic valve bag when use the matters needing attention: 1, to ensure the sealing zipper part clean, if there are fibers, dust, will reduce the sealing performance, plastic valve bag Suggestions with touch water gauze wipe clean and then close the zipper. After close the zipper, please hand clenched in a sliding vane, DORA back and forth several times, to ensure the sealing of the root reinforcement completely buckle into the groove, to ensure the sealing effect. After pumping well, please check the sealing again, to ensure the seal. 2, plastic valve bag when using the pump screw pump helix interface to the end, hold onto the bleeding point of white rubber gasket, to ensure that the outlet does not leak, generally a large plastic suction valve bag need 3 ~ 5 minutes, valve bag it's about 3, five hundred under the smoke flat phenomenon will be obvious. 3, when using pump, pay attention to smoke in a row, not recommended to a halt. Home have a vacuum cleaner is very good, namely save Labour and convenient. The cabinet or other place to store, also want to pay attention to the location have any sharp objects, in order to make sure the plastic valve bag in good condition. 4, don't let a sharp blow to the plastic valve bag, Suggestions on the bed or in clean the table, if has the hard objects such as button zipper in the storage of items, should be folded inside. In the collection bag. 5, clothes, quilts and other items should be placed on the plastic valve bag inside, at least 3 ~ 5 cm away from the sealing zipper, don't forced into the big items. The previous: giant tell what are the reasons you plastic bags punch: next article introduces the principle of the vacuum bags for you
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