Plastic packaging factory food packaging sealing technology

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Plastic bag products because of good chemical properties, so food has long been used for the external packing. Want to finish the final packaging, food sealing technology is particularly important. Although plastic bags to have good chemistry, plastic products is not high temperature resistant, so plastic bags sealing are the heat sealing technology. Different have different heat sealing plastic bags, food packing density of particles and the big plastic bags, requires high heat sealing strength of plastic packaging bags. When heat sealing material was determined, heat sealing quality is directly related to heat sealing process, usually is the main control of heat sealing temperature, pressure and time. Above the heat sealing temperature when heat sealing, make plastic film adhesive flow; And heat sealing pressure can make the plastic film in the viscous flow of interface between molecules produce mutual penetration, diffusion, external power; Certain heat sealing time can make the plastic film interface molecular mutual penetration, diffusion as soon as possible, make the interface disappeared and as a whole, thus has good sealing. Heat sealing materials of minimum heat sealing temperature depends on the material melt temperature, heat sealing temperature should be higher than the melting temperature of the heat sealing materials, but higher than many, want to suffer by sealing material is single film or composite film, the thickness of the film, heat sealing pressure, the influence of heat sealing speed and other technical indicators. Generally, high heat sealing pressure; Heat sealing was slow; Film thickness is big, the heat sealing temperature can be lower, and vice versa.
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