Plastic bags before the custom need to know?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Plastic bags before the custom need to know? In every industry will have need of custom plastic bags, so before custom plastic bags need to understand what knowledge? 1. First of all need to know the material of plastic bags, to clear its own demand and materials can be consistent. 2. Second is to know the plastic bags of different styles, choose according to their own requirements. 3. The last is to understand the printing process of plastic bags, and then according to demand design printing solutions. Plastic bags customized knowledge introduction 1 plastic material plastic material generally have the following: LDPE ( Low density polyethylene) HDPE ( High density polyethylene) 页( Polypropylene) 、OPP ( Two-way polypropylene) CPE ( Stretch film of polyvinyl chloride) 个人防护用品( Poly acrylic) 、PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) 伊娃( Ethylene - Vinyl acetate copolymer) 。 Physical properties of various materials is different, so you need to choose according to individual demand for raw materials to the custom of plastic bags. LDPE material is polyethylene, an organic polymer compound, is one of the most widely used polymer materials. PE material could be used to make bag, flat pocket, as self-adhesive bags, Courier bags, zipper bag, valve bag, compound bag, etc. , basic covers all function design. HDPE can be used to make compound bag, because of its hardness, tensile strength and creep is better than that of low density polyethylene; Wear resistance, electrical insulation, good toughness and the cold resistance; Good chemical stability, at room temperature, does not dissolve in any organic solvent, acid, alkali and corrosion of various salts; Thin film of water vapor and air permeability of small, low water absorption. Plastic bags of plastic granules raw materials: the design of 2 bags of plastic bags styles generally have the following: plastic bag, plastic zipper bag, plastic adhesive bag, plastic bag, plastic valve bag, plastic compound bag, etc. Plastic bag, plastic bag is divided into a bottom side, usually a bottom side, without the bottom side, bottomless have four side. The vast majority of customers choice after considering the beautiful and practical is the side of the style, one reason is that there are side more stereo style, more beautiful, and the bag can stand, will not fall on the ground, also can be printed on the side design, logo, or qr code, increases the chances of others to notice. Plastic zipper bags, plastic zipper bags commonly used material with PE, CPE, PPE, PVA, more transparent soft material such as EVA. Plastic zipper bag gradually widely used because of the rapid development of the electricity. Plastic flat pockets: flat pockets are divided into a bottom side, a bottom side, without the bottom side, there is no bottom side, in fact largely flat bag and hand bag is the same, just flat pocket is with punching bag is with additional portable flat pocket most of the customers are choice without bottom side. Different styles of bags function is different, also need to undertake choosing according to your product requirements. Plastic bag style: 3 plastic printing plastic bag printing generally divided into copperplate printing and offset printing. Offset printing: version of printing, also often referred to as 'for flexo printing, use the flexible version, through the anilox roller transfer ink transfer printing of a way of printing ink. Flexo printing, printing plate thickness 1 - general use 5 mm version of photosensitive resin. Ink is divided into three categories, respectively is water-based ink, alcohol soluble ink, UV ink. Because flexo printing ink used in line with the green environmental protection, has been a large number of used in food packaging and printing, broad prospects. Flexo printing is embossed type. Copperplate printing, copperplate printing made Yang after the sketches of photographic color piece, made copper plate after plate burning, corrosion. Copper plate is the opposite of gravure, part details the bulge is grain, and the blank part recessed, so copperplate printing is also called the letterpress. Advantages of copperplate printing, the printing pressure, ink saturation, text, color flat. Defect is article is coarse, fine level should not be printing, more suitable for simple graphic printing. Copperplate printing characteristics, in addition to the checker is thick, with dot size performance level, depth and text and background without reticulate, printed in field, and for copper plate pressure is heavier, so at the edge of the printed pattern is often leave the traces of the ink. Copperplate printing plastic bags: PE/PO/PP/PVC/CPE/PPE/OPP/EVA
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