Packing bags of food safety problem is very important

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
The food packaging food manufacturers use is safe? The quality of food packaging, cleaning can ensure? These questions are worth consideration. Under what general large food chooses food packaging bags, its clean, safe ensure degree is higher, but the sub vendors, snack street and other places to supply food bag quality, is questionable. So, what kind of food packaging is safe? According to different production materials, can be divided into many kinds of plastic bags, some of the plastic bags can be in packaging or food, and part of the plastic bag is not suitable for packing of food. Now in the market to sell most of the plastic wrap and commonly used plastic bags are the same, are based on vinyl masterbatch for raw materials. According to the different varieties of vinyl masterbatch, plastic wrap can be divided into: PE, PE bag, the material is mainly used in food packaging. Second, PVC, PVC bag, also is a kind of used in food packaging; The third is the polyvinylidene chloride, PVDC, first is used for some cooked food, ham, etc. The packaging of goods. The three, if want to in life, the main or PVDC choice, because this is the most healthy to human body. Some unlicensed vendors running roadside stall, the use of plastic food packaging shall ensure that the quality of, probably some secondary use of the bag. So clew consumer had better not to snack street with a set of plastic tableware to eat malatang food, etc.
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