Packaging not characteristic chaoyang jujube in shenyang hard sell - Red packet

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
Shenyang sunrise jujube citizens ms zhang wanted to buy some early adopters, but fruit supermarket over the neighborhood, also did not find chaoyang jujube. Reporters visited more than 20 fruit store in shenyang and fruit supermarket, in the sale of fresh jujube is produced in more steps of hebei and shanxi's heart jujube, only two selling authentic chaoyang jujube fruit supermarket, retail price of 8 yuan/kg. “ Dongzao and heart dates this year specially equipped with a box with origin identification characteristics, and according to the size of the date of packaging, gift giving face and more convenient. ” A fruit supermarket, large and small, chaoyang jujube in wholesale, and there is no special packing gift box, no competitive advantage in holiday gift of fruit market. The reporter understands from Sun Jiawan jujube association in chaoyang, jujube wholesale price of origin in 3 yuan/jins. Estimate & other; 11 & throughout; Around chaoyang jujube will enter a large market in shenyang, chaoyang jujube production this year will also be considered for the local characteristics of agricultural products made some special gift box, more competitive. 【 Red packet 】
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