Packaging manufacturer to tell you how to detect the environmental performance of plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
Plastic bag manufacturers of plastic bags is very important in our life, but to use it, how can we detect its environmental performance? This first of all, we can use the fire, the method of the general case, if the product is toxic, it is not easy to ignite, and when the fire left, it will immediately put out, and also with the pungent smell in the air, if there is no toxic products can be lit, the flame is blue, more less smoke when burning, burning time send a paraffin wax. The second is through the voice to identify, forcibly seize the plastic bag with the hand shaking, if produce crisp sound is indicated that the high environmental value plastic bags. Along with the advance of society, plastic bags are play an important role, it brings a lot of help, but in the use of it, is not to be able to use toxic products, not only cause harm to people's physical, but also a lot of pollution to the environment.
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