Packaging design points

by:Kolysen     2020-06-25
Bags custom printing can have some tolerance in the process of production, in order to avoid the problem on business in the process of bag making and affect the bag is beautiful, so need to use some skills to avoid these problems in the design process, improve the fault tolerance. 1. The use of color, in the design process, first of all, we need to set aside generally 8-10 mm, sealing side position at the top of the zipper part from the top 30 mm to 40 mm ( General 30 mm) 。 Control the printing content within a sealing side, sealing side position as far as possible with a pure color or random. This applies to so bag type. 2. Using edge, when using asymmetric printing design and printing, can be in more than three edge-sealing bag type can be used in a side white way to improve the fault tolerance of the packaging bags. 3. Bags at the bottom and sides adopt pure color processing, the back of the nutrition table control within the sealed edge. Most of the packaging design is through way would avoid the tolerance problem during production. Way 2 is limited to three edge-sealing bag type.
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