New packaging strong incoming food packaging bags of milk powder industry structure or will change

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
With the continuous development of society, consumers in the rising to the requirement of food. Today, the market for food packaging requirements are no longer satisfied with beautiful, safe, convenient. Among them, the milk powder industry as an essential part of the market, has started to change its packaging forms and materials. Of course, if the milk powder packaging industry really entered the reform period, then the milk powder packaging equipment industry will also change. At present, the market sales of milk powder packaging mainly include metal cans and plastic flexible packaging bags in two forms. Metal cans sealing good, long shelf life, but its production and transport costs are high, so, only several large well-known dairy enterprise application forms of this kind of packing on the part of the product. The same quality cans of milk powder, the market prices are generally more expensive than bags of milk powder by more than 30%. As the dairy industry the competition, therefore, affected by the cost factor, metal cans packaging has gradually replaced by light plastic packaging. Other milk powder packaging, including the structure of the aluminum foil packing cost is higher, but a longer shelf life, generally can be up to a year and a half to two years. Aluminum plating structure of the packaging cost is relatively low, but life is short, usually no more than a year and a half. For the BOPP structure, because of the heat resistant properties of BOPP material itself is bad, generally used is not suitable for automatic packaging machines, mainly used to make bag, manually packaging. Because of considering the products quality security, the national requirements of infants and young children eat milk powder containing the structure of the aluminum foil packing must be used, other adult milk powder and other products, for example, you can use the aluminum plating structure of packing. At present, a lot of dry milk factory has been to most of the milk powder packaging structure of the aluminum plating, only keep babies and infants powdered milk packaging without change, some international dairy companies, including nestle, is always the same. But, now also have industry in research, will adopt a pollution-free organic high polymer material instead of metal foil filling outsourcing, high barrier property aluminized material also has the very big development market, will replace the aluminum foil. Because the metal filling and packaging production cost is high, low air tightness. And the materials used for non-renewable resources, during the production of the atmosphere, polluting rivers. Organic high polymer material would be more environmentally friendly, pollution-free packaging products, the production cost is lower. Strip milk powder packaging industry it is well known that milk powder packaging from bagged 20 or 30 years ago to now, in a box, tin can packaging several drag, in addition to cater to people's shopping psychology, also is for practical reasons, to keep milk powder sealed storage is to prevent the milk powder be affected with damp be affected with damp or pollution and resulting in the loss of nutrients in the most effective means. Strip packing, that is, independent packaging, we are not unfamiliar, in condiments, solid beverage, and other products, widely used in always with its easy to carry and clean characteristics was welcomed by the consumers. Infant formula to strip packaging, compared with the large packaging, light easy to carry, won't cause burden for parents with young children travel; Its sealing is stronger, when using, need not measuring cup weighing, one at a time, there is no many times the risk of pollution. Strip packing's advantage is obvious, but for milk powder production enterprises, to enable the strip packaging, also is not achieved overnight. First of all, the increased cost of packaging, this is the most enterprise has strip packing obstacle; Second, the high-speed strip packing makes the existing single large packaging production line speed of pressure; Finally, production date, batch number, shelf life etc. The information in the packaging must be identified on the strip packing to ensure good quality for the separate packing of monitoring and tracing. Strip packaging infant formula will to its security, convenience, change the infant formula industry, lead the new fashion of the milk powder industry.
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