How to see food sack the ingredients on the label

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
Food packaging label for printing ink, its quality directly affects the thermal contraction of label graphic printing effect. Practice has proved that the UV flexo printing ink is very good choice, its biggest advantage is to achieve high color strength, through curing dry it also brought great challenge to the traditional gravure ink. The plastics industry association ( 塑料工业协会,SPI) Developed plastic products using plastic types of symbol code, is in the circulation of three arrows represent the triangle in the middle, and a digital sign, they will be the recovery of the triangle tag attached on the plastic products, with the number 1 to 7 and abbreviations used to refer to the plastic resin types. As a result, plastic varieties identification becomes simple and easy, recycling costs got substantial cuts. Nowadays many countries in the world have adopted the SPI logo package. China in 1996 made the logo of almost the same with the standard. Note the beverage and dairy & other Should first pay attention to the food packaging product category, is bound to be marked on the label of food category, and the name must be the specification permitted by the state the name of the category, can reflect the essence of food. ” Provincial food and drug administration said the relevant person in charge of food production supervision department Feng Xuexing. For example, if the drink packing list & other Coffee milk & throughout; To determine its is drink or milk products, can check food labels. If the label & other; Throughout the food category &; Project indicate & other; Flavored milk & throughout; Or & other Flavored milk & throughout; Indicates that the product is the coffee and sugar are added into the milk, rather than water added sugar, thickening agent, coffee and a little made from milk. If the latter, then on the food category is & other; Milk beverage & throughout; , not to milk. Also, for some beverage and dairy products to distinguish, citizens can also refer to the product label. According to national standards, beverage not dairy products, but the drinks, the nutrient concentration is usually a third of the milk, nutritional value and milk. There are two main methods to distinguish: it is to scan the packing, in and to the right of the product name, usually hidden & other; Drink & throughout; Or & other Drink & throughout; The word. Second, can look at the ingredients on the side wall box column. Raw material of the first milk beverage is water, the second is the milk. In addition, in the nutrient content in a bar, the labeled protein concentration is greater than or equal to 1% of the milk beverage, and according to the regulations of the state, the protein content of milk products must be greater than or equal to 2. 9%, most of the products in more than 3% at present. Feng Xuexing explanation, according to our country food labelling regulations, after 1 January 2013 the factory of each product must indicate five basic nutritional data, including the energy contained in food ( Heat, calories) , protein content, fat content, carbohydrate content, and the content of sodium, and the content of nutrition supply reference (a day NRV) The proportion of. For winning by taste of food, but also need to be careful of calories, fat, sodium and other indicators.
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