How to find a plastic bag factory customized bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-15
How to find a plastic bag factory customized bag? Many procurement purchasing bags in a first-time plastic tape procurement can have such a problem: how to find a plastic bag factory customized bag? Here we can resolve the problem that is decomposed into two problems to solve: & other; How to find a plastic bag factory? ” And & other How to order the bag? ” First of all, we answer the question about how to find a plastic bag factory. First, define their own identity and demand, are generally need to consider these aspects: quality, delivery time, distance, price. If it is for foreign customers purchase, then focus on quality and delivery time. If it is to purchase the brand, then focus on quality and price. Second, through many channels to find plastic bag factory, here is the first thing to recommend some plastic bags, plastic bags factory has 20 years of production experience, stable quality, delivery fast, is a reliable plastic bag factory. Multi-channel is found in the baidu, alibaba, friends of the plastic bag factory information and contact way. So find a plastic bag factory, want how to order the bag? Below is the plastic bag custom about the steps. Plastic bag manufacturers custom-made bag details 1 provide plastic bag needs details to find manufacturers need to provide your demand first, after is refers to the product requirements ( Number, size, thickness, printing) , confirm the factory can produce, and then there is the goods time requirements and quality requirements, to explain that plastic bag manufacturers, and then provide the design drawing or sample to proofing, confirm samples and prices to make big goods production. Provide demand: 2 product inspection when received the manufacturer of plastic bag products should be timely inspection, if the test of the quality problem, need to inform plastic bag factory, to ask for compensation or replenishment. ENDPE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA
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