How to customize the high ratio of rice bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
Now more and more pay attention to the packing of rice, good packaging, of course, not only appearance is also conducive to long-term storage. Makes the taste of rice has been a sharp retention! But with the advent of golden nine silver ten material costs also rise trend, so how in the limited budget to make cheap product packaging? Is first and foremost design: a lot of guests looking for bags, we do have a common demand & other; High-end & throughout; “ The atmosphere throughout the &; “ Grade & throughout; ; “ High-end & throughout; The collocation of cultured is material and craft, such as rice grain is full, you can choose to open a window technology is tie-in, if the budget is enough under the condition of can printing gold process improve the grade of rice bags. “ The atmosphere throughout the &; Design style is contracted routes. Second bag type selection of small gram weight 500 g ~ 1 kg can choose organ bags, eight edge-sealing bag; 1 kg to 5 kg: there are three autoregulating, four edge-sealing such two kinds of bag type, and the four major is and rice vacuum bag edge-sealing, four edge sealing of stereo feeling is better, with vacuum huge sales not only appearance is conducive to the long-term storage of rice. If the budget is not very abundance, you can choose three edge-sealing bag type. ( Three edge-sealing optional thugs DiKong can save some cost) Three edge sealing vacuum and vacuum, vacuum conducive to long-term sales, not vacuum for short-term sales! The last is material collocation: inside the bag are generally nylon compound material combination of PE bag outside collocation is abundant, has after kraft paper, pet, nylon composite membrane, nylon composite membrane, pet aluminum plating, etc
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