How much do you know the advantage of eight edge-sealing bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-25
Eight edge-sealing bag, also known as eight edge sealing zipper bag, multilateral seal bag, eight edge-sealing flat eight edge sealing zipper bags, zipper bag, the quartet eight edge-sealing bag, eight edge-sealing bag, solid bag, eight erect edge-sealing bag, eight edge-sealing bag, vertical eight edge-sealing bag, etc. , such as food, clothing, gift industry to be bestowed favor on newly. Core this product has the following advantages: 1, 8 edge-sealing bag type beautiful generous, shelf display effect is perfect, but additional zippers and other process. 2, unique appearance, attract consumer attention to brand building. 3, flat eight edge-sealing bag holding large capacity. 4, according to the combination of different material, thickness, moisture and oxygen barrier property, metal effect so that the printing effect, can be made of different characteristics of the bag, can meet the needs of various food performance, prolong shelf life. Has a group of senior technical personnel, management, design, production has rich experience in the flexible packaging production, provide customers with one-stop packaging solution, for your products with the most unique latest packing.
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