How can you get it ready food packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
How can you get it ready food packaging release date: 2018 - 12 - 17 many first and later production of food packaging bags manufacturer will appear all sorts of problems, then produce these bags when we should pay attention to what issues? Food packaging should first know the main chemical composition, characteristic and production of food processing and storage and transportation process of commodity circulation will produce intrinsic reaction, including abiotic factors of internal biochemical reactions and biological mildew reaction principle, The Times should study affects the main ingredient in food, especially in is fat, protein, vitamins and other nutritional elements of the sensitive elements, including light, oxygen, temperature, microbes, the influence factors of physics, mechanical, and other fields. As long as mastering the biological factors of packaged food, clear the security premise, can reasonable use plastic packaging materials, packaging process. A market research work, good product. Including the marketing of new products, Belong to: marketing, marketing) Objects, types of new products, product sales market, similar or close geographical and ethnic style, the price positioning and profitable market prospects of related work. Vacuum bag is after extracting vacuum, and filling the nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases. Nitrogen is inert, filling effect, make the vacuum bag to keep positive pressure, in order to prevent the outside air into the bag, bag of food plays a protective role. Carbon dioxide, corruption has inhibitory activity role of bacteria and other microorganisms. There are food such as crisp fragile, easy to deformation and oil food, there are sharp edges or high hardness will puncture the vacuum bag and so on food, after vacuum packaging, vacuum bag inside air pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside packing bag, can effectively prevent food compression breakage, deformation, and does not affect the packaging and printing packaging appearance. As the vacuum bag packaging promotion and the development of the supermarket, its scope of application will be more and more widely, some will gradually replace rigid package. Second, the packaging of the project plan and design work. A good packaging design, related to the launch of the new products in the future and sales work. Now many enterprises to bargain, you did a good product packaging design production and manufacturing, as soon as often appear of the problem is many. The pros and cons of product packaging design, and corporate positioning marketing countermeasures are closely linked, so a good bag, is also a whole card. Three, new product packaging sales. Now many manufacturer enterprise products are not their production, only authorized trust others to packing. When packaging should consider the problem of too many, packaging environment, packing staff ability quality, packaging machinery and equipment, etc. , all of this is later period must be strictly implemented. The previous: laundry detergent bags customized _ laundry detergent packaging production process next article: why plastic heat shrinkage
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