Food plastic bags: reveal why do people leave the kraft paper bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
bags since it is used for packing, paper packing must have high strength of resistance to pressure. Many products are currently going through logistics transportation, but the product in the process of transportation will inevitably and this requires the outside packaging materials to perfect the protection of the product. So packing kraft paper should fold, compression resistance, strong toughness and must also have a certain water proofing property. Used in industry in the field of packaging kraft paper bagquality demands than culture paper used in printing industry is low. In addition, there are also many packaging kraft paper, used in food packaging industry, which requires the packing paper sterile, health, and won't react with food when packing food. Craft paper is made from wood fibres, craft paper bags can be recycled into cattle cardboard or other paper packaging materials, and the environmental protection standard of cattle paperboard is not only reflected in the production of environmental protection is also reflected in the subsequent impact on the environment. 1, kraft paper bagbags with time can be reuse for many times, can be used many times, this can save a lot of cost, but also can save a lot of resources. 2, then there is the cost of a brown paper bag is low, this kind of kraft paper bagbag is five yuan cheaper also is most expensive one yuan, the price can be accepted by many people. 3, kraft paper bag wear rate is low, can last for a long time, after a long time does not decay, easy to save. And can fold a brown paper bag, so I can get a lot of places. bags in addition to play an important role in shopping, contributed to be reckoned with in the food industry, oil separation characteristics of the kraft paper bags with its good, the food industry widely used. Since 2006, and gradually in all stores carry out a brown paper bag with the heat preservation performance to take-out food, to replace the use of plastic bags. Avoided under the condition of high temperature plastic bags harm to people body. To beautify the environment, the development of a brown paper bag for the bags to the convenience of people's lives. Use brown paper bag is a kind of both environmental protection and the choice of fashion, people now more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and there are many people began to use brown paper bag as hand strap to go shopping, slowly they have become a popular fashion element.
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