Food packaging QS logo will be gradually replaced by a SC

by:Kolysen     2020-07-04
The reporter learns from daming mountain area market supervision and administration of benxi, October 1, 2015, the newly revised 'food production license management method'. So far, a total of 27 in the food production enterprises, are in accordance with relevant provisions of the relevant complete food industry production license & quot; QS” Convert & quot; SC' After work, become the city's first batch down food industry production license conversion work units. This marks a new food production license will officially launch in the food industry, food packaging & quot; QS” Gradually been & quot; SC' Alternative. According to the bureau staff of the food division, before the implementation of 'method', food production enterprises according to varieties for food industry production license, every variety to correspond to a food industry production license. Materials, submit when dealing with repeat, time is longer, up to 6 months to obtain licenses. After the implementation of the new food production license, in order to facilitate the enterprise application, the new licensing method to make a major adjustment, production license to the original license according to the food variety, as a main body adjustment according to the enterprise license, will be used more than one enterprise certificate, adjusted for a certificate of an enterprise implement & other A enterprise certificate & throughout; System. Certificate just on schedule of deputy page and detailed mark types, the period of validity is also extended to five years. Cancel enterprise annual inspection and the annual report system at the same time, become a daily regulation, which has greatly helped the enterprise production and business operation and management of related department. For consumers, the most visible change is food packaging. The past food sack on bearing & quot; QS” Logo and 12 digits number, a new food production license number is made up of letters & quot; SC' With 14 of Arabic numerals. When consumers in the choose and buy food, see these two license number, can be at ease buy. Because with & quot; QS” Signs of food is not going to disappear from the market immediately, but will slowly withdraw from the market over time, this period the market with & quot; QS” Old packaging of food and marked a new food production license number of food can exist at the same time. On October 1, 2018, however, and later produced food shall continue to use the original packaging, labels and & quot; QS” Logo.
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